Are The Guns Silent In West Africa?



ECOWAS Missions are in each of the West African states and levies by the members are fueling the operations of its institutions. Elections and term limits are being institutionalized to facilitate peaceful co-existence of political forces and peaceful transfer of power. The security forces are supposed to be under the democratic control of those who are elected by the majority of the population to manage state affairs.

It was expected that by 2021, ECOWAS states would enter a period of total stability with Government s and opposition parties that would periodically replace each other without provoking any form of political instability or civil strife.

All states were expected to have a conscious citizenry that would not allow it to be used as knives to share power as national cakes among political elites. They were expected to be led by leaders who are conscious of the duty to derive power from the authority of the people and utilise it to promote their welfare which is the cornerstone of peace and stability.

Now the greed to stay in power by any means to oppress and the greed to come to power by any means to revenge, are fueling the use of the military to throw away the term limit or electoral legitimacy just to sustain some in office or position who are hungry for power to come closer to their goal.

As events unfold in Mali with gunfire heard at Mali army base in Kati near Bamako , the worst is now being predicted. Foroyaa will follow the trend. What is clear is that the guns are yet to be silent in West Africa, at the detriment of the people.The future will tell when they will be silent for eternity to the advantage of the people.