Are the Councils and the Central Government working in harmony to defeat COVID 19?



According to the Republican Constitution, power to govern at the regional or central level must be derived from the people and be exercised to promote the general welfare of the people. COVID-19 is a threat to life and general welfare. Hence, the Central Government and Regional Councils should each work out their policies, strategic plans and programmes at their different levels and then engage in consultation to harmonise their activities.

What is happening at the moment is some regions need assessment and consultation to map out a way forward.

The current trend is to compare the assistance being provided by Councils to that of Central Government, as separate competing entities undertaking different relief initiatives.

If the objective of either the regional or central government is to undermine the integrity of the other based on ill- intention, then the motive would not be a humane one, driven by love of country and people.

Whatever people do regardless of party affiliation should serve the public interest and not be motivated by personal interest. This is the dictate of democracy, justice, reason and human decency and it is incontrovertible.