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“Anyaan Ak Buuge” Part 8 (Jealousy and Greed)


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By Amie Sillah Angi He came back home a bit relieved and decided to appeal to Tenneng’s conscience. “Teng! Please spare me this shame; don’t make my family’ distractersMARRIAGE AND FAMILY 2 to rejoice; are you not my sister from another mother? Our family did everything for your family and I was even contemplating for you to marry Sengaan my elder brother.” She stooped before her. Tenneng She is now very arrogant with the realization of her new found power over Papa Doc’s family as she now calls the shots. “Get out of my room and now! Am I your sister you naïve fool? You were wicked, how can you give me pittance and made me an Oliver Twist asking for more? Now I am at the centre of things; I’ll soon marry Papa Doc and he wills his fortune to me and me alone. Get out of my room and let me rest.” Angi “You cannot marry my dad, you don’t love him but his wealth, you want to ruin my family but God will not let you; I’ll ring my brother to come and right the wrongs you have meted out to us.” Tenneng She laughed with sarcasm. “Ha! Ha! Ha! Wait for Sengaan, he will soon be here.” Angi “God will judge you wicked friend and the spirit of my mother will hunt you, she warned me against you but I never believe it until I’ve seen it.” Tenneng  “Your mom is dead and buried and I am going to me the next Mrs. Whether you like it or not; get out of my room and now!” Angi “God will punish you for coming into our family with the intention to come and destroy it; we shall laugh last and the loudest.” Mam Beegay She is very happy that her one and only daughter is now well placed into Papa Doc heart and soul. “Am I not blessed? Our days of sorrow are over and we are now going to be very rich especially after Teng’s marriage to Papa Doc and he wills his wealth to her. Maamalowa! You are great and I’ll handsomely reward you.” The Confrontation When she refused to quit the relationship with her dad, Angi confronted her with fight; they fought and exchanged insults and obscenities. When dad returned home, the serpent showed her manipulative skills. She bandaged her head and lay down sobbing bitterly. Sir Gaa He came quite worried when he saw Tenneng’s state. “Sweet heart! What is the problem? Why is your head in bandage?” Tenneng “It is your prodigal daughter Angi; she fought me and called me names with obscenities, she took a bottle and broke my head and said I am a harlot who you’ll never marry.” Sir Gaa    “What! How can she call my honey a harlot? Is she mad?” He shouted her name. “Gicol! Come here and now!” He ordered. Angi She came running to answer her dad. “What is it dad? Is everything okay?” Sir Gaa “How can it be okay when you broke the head of my fiancée who I’ll marry very soon? Get the idea straight, Teng is going to be your step mother and you have to respect her as you’ve respected your mother, am I understood?” Angi  She hissed at her dad and insulted both of them. “You’ve been made a vegetable you are under a demonic spell, you are not yourself and the dad I used to know; how can you marry a slut, a prostitute who don’t love you but your money, she plans to woe you to will your wealth to her poverty stricken family but she will fail miserably because the living God is wide awake. Never! She’ll never be your wife over my dead body!” Sir Gaa He is infuriated and he gave his daughter a nasty slap for the first time in her life. “Don’t ever speak evil of your step mom or I’ll get the hell out of you, Tenneng is an angel and I am going to marry her and nobody even God can stop it.” Bewildered Angi is bewildered and stunned. “Dad! You blasphemed and you slapped me? You’ve never laid your hands on me since I was born; this is unnatural, you are not yourself but under a spell; okay I’ll be fine but I’ll never call this wretched slut a mother.” She rushed into her room. Sir Gaa    “Sweet heart! I love you with all my heart, don’t mind our distracters by the weekend we will marry in court to end all speculations. Come here! He kissed her and asked the house matron to prepare them a hot coffee. Angi She visited Mam Beegay as her last resort to stop the marriage. “Mama! Your daughter whom I’ve regarded as a sister from another mother has settled in my house to break it; she insisted to marry my dad, her benefactor, didn’t she tell you?” Mam Beegay “What do you mean she can’t marry your father? Are you going to marry him spoilt brat? She will marry your father and I am fully in support of it and in fact make it happen; get out of my house and now! We no longer need your pittance we are going to enjoy the whole wealth; we have been poor for so long! Good riddance bad rubbish!” Angi She is stunned and shock! “Like mother like child, no conscience! No morals!” Mam Beegay “Ha! Ha! Ha! You haven’t seen anything yet, naïve fool! Conscience my foot! Self interest rules the world!” She hissed. Harrjata She is very angry but strongly believed that Papa Doc is under demonic spell cast upon him by Tenneng and her mother. “Look at how Sir Gaa looks and behaves just like a vegetable, he has never laid a finger on any of his children not to talk about giving Angi his sweet heart a nasty slap; but God is great! The evildoers will be named and shamed and the spirit of Mam Mbotorr will hunt them.” The Quiet Marriage Papa Gaa (Doc) is a knight in the church therefore he decided to marry Tenneng in court so as not to offend the spirit of his wife. The court wedding was followed by a private family reception at a posh hotel in a reserved area. Tenneng is on top of the world as well as her mother and their union waxed stronger. Tenneng She is more arrogant and insulting as she looks down at her former class people; she hates the wretched of the earth and describes them as being lazy and therefore poor and she gave her auxiliary staff a hell of a problem. Singii She wanted to take the back way but was deported back; she never disclosed this to her best friend. She was astonished to realize that her friend’s project is working successfully. “So you are now Madam Senghore? I trust you and your mom, all the same congratulations; I travelled to Senegal.” She lied; but Tenneng is very smart and does not believe her. Tenneng “All the same thank you and let me show you the video and you can also perused the pictures. What do you want to drink?” Singiily “Wine! Let us celebrate your success with wine and also pray for me to also make a big catch.” To be Cont.  ]]>

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