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“Anyaan Ak Buuge!” Part 14 (Jealousy and Greed)


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By Amie Sillah Alone in the Palace Tenneng is now alone in the palace, the Alpha and the Omega, terrorizing and MARRIAGE AND FAMILY 2tormenting the auxiliary staff. Yaa Harr kept to her side and avoided her path altogether as she always prays to God to judge the intruder and her mother. Tenneng She decided to revenge on all those who maltreated her when she was poor as well as all those who also exploited her. She met Hoyan her former landlord’s daughter. Hoyan She was waiting for taxi or to have a lift, and then Tenneng passed her and stopped. She is surprised that such a flashy car would passed her and halt, she became curious as to who she/he could be. She smiled as Tenneng rose down her car glass. She is surprised to realise who she is, “Tenneng! Is it you? How did you get such a flashy car? Are you working for a Precious Stones Firm or an Oil Magnet?” She laughed heartily and came down from her car and went straight to Hoyan. Tenneng “How I get my wealth is inconsequential! What is important is that I am forever rich and would never be oppressed, insulted or exploited by the likes of you and your wretched dad who ask for exorbitant sums for hovels just to exploit, insult and oppress the poor and wretched of the earth; here I am and am money from up to down.” She arrogantly took out a bunch of new notes and threw them upon Hoyan who stood speechless and embarrassed. She then pushed her and got into her transport and drove away. Hoyan She stood speechless for some minutes and observing her environment stooped and picked the new notes. She reflected. “Tenneng once told me that nothing is static! She was right, look at her now a ‘big girl’ driving a flashy car and throwing new notes like that; I am still struggling collecting rents from my father’s numerous hovels in the city which are not fit for human habitation but thanks to poverty the wretched of the earth have no option; but even though a bitch she has taught me a lesson; that one should never look down at the downtrodden; that nothing is static and that a poor person can make it by chance in the future. Tenneng you were right and thank you for the lesson you have taught me,” she said in a soliloquy. Angi She has settled down with Soogi, a gentleman who has kept to his word. He relocated to the guest house and gave his room to Angi to make her more relaxed and comfortable and she is very grateful. Kanku  She visited her friend and found her in a good mood. “That is the spirit! God be with you all through!” They chatted and had fun in order to forget the past and live for the future. Angi “Good news! Soogi has proposed and I’ve accepted and it will be a court marriage, low key.” Reflections “I visited dad at home together with Soogi but he drove us away and said he’ll not bless our marriage in front of his witch of a wife who hurled insults and mocked at us. I visited Alhajj Dawda dad’s first cousin who has decided to stand as a father to me.” Kanku “That’s excellent as our people say if you don’t have a mother you suck Granma, Alhajj Dawda aka Papa Dave is a very respectable man who takes good care of his family and is a philanthropist in the community.” An Abominable Act While Tenneng was roaming, raving and ranting fighting her real, perceived or imaginary enemies, Mam Beegay and Sir Gaa were moving towards the wrong direction. Sir Gaa saw more of Mam and as they were on the same wave length, they got more and more intimate. A Court Wedding The couple undertook a simple, quiet court wedding attended only by close relatives of both families. They started a fruitful, rewarding marriage to the envy of their close friends. Singii They went to a restaurant and the bill was on Tenneng. As they were chatting two girls stood not quite a distance from their table and they heard everything being discussed. “Alhajj! When did you come from Dubai? I’ve missed you; what have you brought for me? You would not tell me I have to come for it? Okay, I’ll show you some new styles and will give you a good hot balm steam massage which I always give you after long journeys. Ha! Ha! Ha! Naughty boy!” Jiliana She frowns and looked at her friend Saptieu and they listened keenly to Singii’ conversation with a sugar daddy on line. Singii “From here I am coming right away to the hotel. I cannot sleep without knowing what you have for me. I’m coming in a jiffy!” She turned to Tenneng; “You are already settled with a rich sugar dad, I am also going after my luck.” Tenneng She laughed heartily; “I can understand you are still on the hunt for a rich guy but as for me I want to buy a handsome guy and make him my husband, ha! Ha! Ha!” Jiliana and Saptieu The duo left to catch up with Singii, they saw her waiting for transport and they decided to offer her a lift in their jeep. “Okay girlfriend! Do you mind a lift? Where are you going to? Is it our direction?” She answered in the positive. “Hop in we will drop you, we don’t mind.” She praised their generosity. “It’s a pleasure; we should help one another for the sake of humanity,” posited Saptieu who is driving. Saptieu    “We heard you talking to one Alhajj; is he your boyfriend? And what do you intend to do with him? Are you thinking of marrying him? Or is it only for fornication? Sorry for prying we are concerned.” Singii She kept quiet for a while then responded. “We play bond purely economical, I don’t want to marry such an old hag with four wives, numerous children and a host of concubines and girlfriends, he cannot pass anything in trousers, wrapper or skirt, he provides money and I give him sex, period!” Jiliana “We were just like you before therefore, we are not judging you until we become members of this organization of young men and women, we discuss about life issues and how to live responsibly and make something out of our lives. You can go and see your Alhajj but take our cards and call us, we will make an appointment for you to meet our executive, then your whole life will change for good.” Singii They exchanged cards and she left to catch up her date with Alhajj. To be Cont  ]]>

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