An appeal for sponsorship


By Fatoumatta K Jallow Rose Mendy, is twenty-one (21) years old and one time student of the Gambia Technical Training Institute (GTTI) who upon completion of her foundation  programme in law was offered admission for a three (3) year law programme (LLB in law) into the faculty of economics, law and management science, department of law in Bamenda University Of Science And Technology (Bust) in the north-west region of Cameroon. She said however, this opportunity is about to slip away from her because of lack of financial means by her parents. She said her father’s earnings cannot even feed all of them not to talk of paying school fees. Her father who works as a security guard takes care of her four sisters and one brother. Miss Mendy is therefore seeking financial assistance from any individual or company or organisation so as to pursue her career. She said her pride is to contribute to national development which she can only do when this journey is completed. The semester is beginning on October 16th, 2015. “The cost for the three-year law programme payment is about three hundred thousand dalasis (300,000). If you are interested in education which is key to national development and you want to help please contact me on the following numbers 3785897 or 2428714. Any enquiries please contact the University of Bamenda on the following Tel: 33071845, cell: (237) 77361789. God will bless you abundantly if you put your hand in this. God loves a cheerful giver. “As I wait for your positive response, I thank you in advance for your support.”        ]]>