Today is Africa Liberation Day.

It is important to ask ourselves the question whether we have attained the purpose for which the day was established. One has to visit social media to detect the level of public discourse on national issues. Conversations do reveal that most Africans are yet to embrace the principles and values behind the day.

As we commemorate the day we should take stock of what happened to the pioneers of the liberation struggle, such as Nkrumah, Lumumba, Cabral, just to name a few. Many, many gave their lives for future generations to be born in African states. Does that sovereignty have meaning?

The current generation needs to sit down and reflect on current level of political discourse characterized by insults and character assassination rather than a debate on national and continental issues. We should use the day to remind ourselves what has really led to the liberation of our continent from the colonial yoke. It took sacrifice and we should not allow the sacrifice to go in vain.