Friday, December 3, 2021

‘Activista’ Training On Irregular Migration Underway


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The Action Aid Global Youth Network ‘Activista’ The Gambia, has started a three day training for 50 youth drawn from within the Greater Banjul area, on Irregular Migration (backway) to become advocates.

The training according to organisers, is meant to equip young people understand the issues and dangers involved in irregular migration for them to share their experiences, and to advocate for others to make informed choices on migration.

This is a three months project funded by the European Union and jointly implemented by the International Organization for Migration, IOM, and ‘Activista’ the Gambia.

Marranna Berttelle, Communications Officer at IOM, said the training is aimed to change the mindset of people and not to discourage migration; but that to make them understand the risks involved and make informed choices when they are want to travel.

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“We are not discouraging migration, but we promote it for people to use safer ways to travel anywhere they want to go,” She remarked. “We want people in the future, to see migration as a free choice,” she said.

‘Activista’ Chairperson Saiba T Susso, said the solution to this dangerous menace, should come from the people themselves; that grants and loans, are not the solution.

Bulume Jarjusey, speaking on behalf of the Executive Director of the National Youth Council, NYC, said the training will help equip young people to fully understand irregular migration and its implications. He thanked the EU for funding the training as well as the IOM and ‘Activista’ for the initiative.

Similar workshops will be conducted by ‘Activista’ in the West Coast Region.

The other phase of this project will be a caravan going round Schools to sensitise students on issues and dangers related to irregular migration.

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