Active COVID-19 Patient Tested Negative


By Nelson Manneh

Dr. Mustapha Bittaye the Director of Health Services at the Ministry of Health said the only active COVID 19 patient sample was recollected and it tested negative, but another negative sample is required to ascertain the recovery status of the Patient.

“Thirty-three (33) new laboratory test results have been received and all tested negative for COVID 19. Of these thirty-three (33) results, thirty-two (32) results are new tests conducted and one is the result of a repeat test on the only active COVID-19 active case,” he said.

He said ten (10) new persons, eight (8) Gambians, one Senegalese and one Guinean are taken in to quarantine on account of travelling in to the Gambia from Senegal.

“Daily follow-ups of ninety-nine (99) low-risk contacts are still ongoing, in order to ascertain manifestation of symptoms of COVID-19,” he said.

Bittaye said the country currently has eighty-nine (89) persons under quarantine, one active case and no probable case.

“A total of four hundred and fifty-six (456) tests were conducted and ten (10) are positive, two hundred and ninety-seven (297) have completed quarantine, six hundred and thirty-five (635) contacts have been traced and three hundred and ten (310) completed follow-ups,” he said.

Globally Dr. Bittaye said since the 31st December 2019 and as the 27th April 2020, a total of three million, fifty-nine thousand and eighty-one (3, 059, 081) cases of COVID-19 have been reported.

Of these, he said two hundred and eleven thousand two hundred and two (211, 202) deaths were registered and nine hundred and nineteen thousand seven hundred and forty-six (919, 746) recovered from the pandemic.

“Senegal recorded seven hundred and thirty-six (736) confirmed cases, two hundred and eighty-four (284) recovery and nine (9) deaths,” he said.

On logistic and safety, Bittaye said there is mandatory temperature check initiated at the central medical store main gate as purification for entry of staff in to the complex.

“There is also a security task force to support the Ministry of Health on COVID-19 response team,” he said.

On surveillance and the laboratory, Bittaye said ten (10) new persons have been taken into quarantine and newly discharged patients to be followed up for another two weeks.

On case management component as at now, Bittaye said there is only one COVID-19 patient and currently isolated at the treatment facility.

“Safe and dignified burial procedures were observed in the burial of a suspected case in Farafenni North Bank Region, but the results received shows that the person is negative,” he said.

Dr. Bittaye said the first phase of the Ndemban clinic renovation done by TAF Global will be completed soon.