Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Acquitted and Discharged but Still Not Free


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Freedom is what a sovereign human being deserves. Every human being should be born free. His or her liberty should only be at stake if one is legitimately accused of committing a crime.  

Accusation cannot be equated with guilt. This is why courts exist to receive evidence in order to determine innocence or guilt. Only the courts have powers to determine whether one who is accused of a crime is guilty or not.

This is precisely the reason why there is presumption of innocence until the guilt is proven or acknowledged by the accused out of his or her own volition.

Acquittal is a verdict delivered by a court. Why should a person acquitted and discharged by a court be arrested and forced to get bail just because the prosecution intends to appeal the verdict of a court. A person who is acquitted and discharged should be freed.

Hence any law which puts the liberty of a person at stake is one that needs to be repealed. This is the verdict of justice and common sense and incontrovertible.

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