A True Philanthropist


“Passion, dedication, hard work and love for country are the key elements for the successful establishment of a business and everyone has a potential to be successful” are the poignant words Mr. Frazer always has for the youth in the country and people of The Gambia whenever he is asked what the secret to his success is.

As a young man carving his path, Saul Frazer always knew he wanted to be successful. His tenacity and drive set the ball rolling for his return home from the diaspora. As the proverb goes, ‘charity begins at home’ and this is the road Mr. Frazer embarked on as a young entrepreneur who decided to come home, invest and make it. This intentional action, determination and his astute business sense lay the foundation for his company which has become a house hold name and a one stop shop for quality in Gambia’s real estate market.

In an era where returning home was uncommon, Mr. Frazer established Global Properties which has become synonymous with quality, modern and state of the art residential developments. After spending years abroad and working with successful firms in Sweden and the UK, his decision to move back was brave and exemplary because the reality was contrary in which the youth preferred to travel out and taken their chances in the diaspora. A true patriot. It became evident that one could succeed in the Gambia if they could identify their passion and nurture it.

Saul Frazer’s return to The Gambia saw his company take off and paved the way for the establishment of the Real Estate industry. His company provided services that helped many individuals acquire property in the Gambia, which has eventually expanded to neighbouring country Senegal and Ghana respectively. The existence of such services were lacking and his love for making a difference was reinforced. Mr. Frazer saw opportunities in his country and used his expertise and experience in sales and business development to improve the livelihood of his people.

As his business, achievements and success grew, Mr. Frazer realised that he wanted to give more to his community in two major ways: to provide opportunities to youth and to help uplift different communities. The youth component was formulated through one-on-one mentorship sessions that provide structure, advise and planning of business related activities ensuring proper implementation and measurable outcomes. In addition to mentorship, he has provided financial support as part of the package at the start-up stage to ensure the businesses have a boost at the foundation and a fighting chance from take off. Mr. Frazer over the years has worked directly with the youth and mentored them in their business ventures across various sectors. These start-ups range from: youth led businesses, selling merchandise, training services, job placement with companies, marketing and branding, helpings artists and much more. Once the desire and motivation is adequately demonstrated, his attention and support is always readily available. His profound desire to nurture and motivate the youth is derived from his love for country and people.

With his love and enthusiasm for the Arts, Mr. Frazier gave special attention to the music and entertainment industry thus paving the way for most of the country’s finest performing artists. He was the go-to person for artists looking for any form of support. From planning their album launching, looking for a record label, promotions for their event or general ticket sales, Mr. Frazer would always show his support. Today some well-known artists have become his brand ambassadors and praise him for the contributions he made at the beginning of their careers. He has become a top favourite within the entertainment industry and continues to support and promote it both locally and internationally. Mr. Frazer has countlessly provided exposure for both Gambian and Senegalese musicians by sending them abroad for performances.

Saul Frazier carries out his corporate social responsibility through community engagement activities, donations to entities such as hospitals, community organisations and schools. When it comes to the communities his company, Global Properties, works in, priority is given to the youth residing in neighbourhoods for onsite employment opportunities. Local contractors are also engaged in his estate construction to provide job opportunities and establish stronger ties among the residents to improve their socio-economic disposition. In addition to developments in different communities, there is always a provision for infrastructural support within the community, which in most cases include the renovation of their local clinic or providing a community market to benefit the neighbouring communities. These are just mere examples of community engagement activities promoted by Mr. Frazer.

Today, he is committed to sustaining his community and youth led engagements more than ever before. He recently started promoting his mentorship services through a series of free online motivational videos providing tips to entrepreneurs looking to start their businesses. He has opted for the more progressive online platform for a wider reach. In addition to that, he recently established the Frazer Foundation as an umbrella for all his charitable activities. His plan is to expand to rural communities and assist in providing access to basic amenities such as clean water, educational facilities amongst other needs of the community. The foundation will work in line with his company’s objective of being environmentally conscious and put measures in place for a greener Gambia. Mr. Frazer’s desire to create a positive impact in his country is a continuous journey that he looks forward to and is excited for great partnerships along the way. He believes that together we can nurture a better Gambia for generations to come.