From Orphan to Philanthropist


Meet Alagie Drammeh: A Journey of Impact and Inspiration

By Assan Bah

Mr. Abubacarr Drammeh, commonly known as Alagie Drammeh, hails from Sifoe village in the West Coast Region (WCR) and was born in 1988. Raised by his grandmother, he emerged as a beacon of hope for many through his altruistic endeavors.

In an exclusive interview, Drammeh shared how his own struggles fueled his passion for helping others.

“I started going to school, but it later proved difficult for me because my grandmother couldn’t support my financial needs,” Drammeh revealed. Despite initial setbacks, he persisted, eventually resorting to gardening to fund his education.

Financial constraints forced him to abandon formal schooling, leading him to pursue Quranic education. Even then, challenges persisted, prompting him to venture to Mauritania for further studies. Undeterred by the lack of sponsorship, Drammeh completed his Quranic education.

He said after gathering some money from his garden produce, he wanted to be enrolled in one of the boarding schools to continue his education, but could not get enrolled because it found schools already started and reached their capacity as according to him boarding schools were limited in the country in those days.

“From there I took a decision to sell one of my gardens and went to Mauritania to further my education. However, being there without a sponsor was also challenging, but I was able to complete my Quranic education there.”

Upon returning home, he embarked on a teaching career, driven by a desire to assist the underprivileged. “I always had a dream of helping the needy, especially orphans,” he emphasized. This passion culminated in the establishment of a boarding school in his village, offering free education and accommodation to all students.

Newly built bantaba for students

Drammeh’s altruism extends beyond education; he has also facilitated the installation of boreholes in several communities. His vision transcends mere instruction; he aims to instill moral values in his students, preparing them for diverse future roles.

Despite facing numerous hurdles, including bureaucratic challenges abroad and financial constraints at home, Drammeh remains steadfast in his mission. “I sometimes face many difficulties in my life, but I always feel happy to share what I have with people,” he remarked.

“Because of the difficulties I faced during my school days as an orphan, I therefore, made it free for all students studying here with accommodation. I see this as development and everybody can play his or her quota and this is the way I also contribute to national development.

Newly built classroom

Employing three staff members and accommodating fifty-seven students in his own compound, Drammeh aspires to expand his school’s infrastructure to accommodate more students and broaden the curriculum.

He acknowledges the importance of accommodation in fostering a conducive learning environment and is currently constructing additional structures with support from his partner to ensure student comfort and safety.

Challenges persist, including the recruitment of qualified English teachers and limited space for expansion. Nonetheless, Drammeh remains undeterred, offering advice to aspiring philanthropists: He added, “Be patient; everything you see has its time. You will face difficulties, but perseverance is key.”

The current classroom structures

In his mid-thirties, Drammeh’s journey from adversity to advocacy serves as a testament to the transformative power of resilience and compassion.