34 Year Old Solicits Urgent Overseas Medical Assistance


By Nelson Manneh  

Alpha Jallow, a 34 year old male from Mamuda village in Kombo South District solicits urgent medical assistance to enable him go for overseas medical treatment as recommended by Gambian doctors.   

Jallow who first presented to the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital (EFSTH) seven years ago, had gradual protrusion of his left eye. Protrusion was said to be occasionally painful with eye movement, and with isolated occasional diplopia. There was also progressive loss of vision.

According to the medical report, the right eye was essentially normal. He (Alpha) had associated recurrent nasal discharges and epistaxis. He had no cough or difficulty in swallowing. He had occasional dull generalized headaches, no associated dizziness, photophobia, nausea or vomiting.

The report further disclosed that an unaided visual acuity of 6/6 in the right eye and 6/36 in the left eye. The anterior and posterior segments in the right eye were essentially normal. That the left eye had particular fullness, and the globe was non-axially proposed in a super temporal direction. The report further indicates a generalized limitation in ocular movement and more in abduction, and that the conjunctiva of the eye was also chemised and injected, with a clear cornea. That the anterior chamber was of normal depth, and the pupil had relative afferent pupillary defect with a transparent lens.

“Fundal examination showed a pink dye with a cup to dye ratio of 0.4, and a hyper pigmented macular scar with chorioretinal degenerative changes. The left maxillary area appeared fuller and tender, and the patient was managed as case of left maxillary tumour with orbital involvement, to exclude idiopathic orbital inflammatory tumour,” the report indicated.

Jallow and family who do not have the financial muscles for overseas treatment, are therefore appealing for support from philanthropist, non-Governmental organizations and government institutions to finance his medical bills.

Any Good Samaritan who wants to support Alpha Jallow, can kindly reach him on the following numbers: 3534068 or 9793617.