Zelenskyy Opens The Door For Diplomatic Solution


The president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, has categorically stated that war could be resolved by military or diplomatic means. He however acknowledged that war will cost thousands and millions of lives and diplomacy will save thousands and millions of lives. He emphasised that any sensible leader would prefer to end war by diplomacy rather than by military means.

This statement echoes what the head of delegation of The Gambia to AU/ACP joint parliamentary assembly told the assembly during their forty-first session. This confirms that solutions to world problems are universal. Those who sincerely want solutions to world problems will quickly find them.

The people of Ukraine are suffering. They are not interested which countries/country are the super powers of the world. They want the sovereignty of their country and people to be respected by all countries and people of the world.

Mediators should immediately find out what the position of the Russian government is for the settlement of the issues which led them to war. The position of the Ukrainian government on what dragged them into war must also be stated quite clearly. The mediators should try to reconcile the two positions in order to arrive at a just settlement that would give rise to peace and security and respect for the sovereignty of all nations and peoples. This is achievable if they are genuine and mature mediators aimed at doing everything necessary.

There should be a short term agreement to end the war and long term agreement to settle all disputes.