The young Gambians should bear in mind that whatever they  put in the social media is there forever .

It will haunt their children and children’s children . The worst cases that are featuring in the scial media are by products of broken marriages of young people. Marriage is a union where people share all the secrets of their lives.

Such secrets should be kept by the partners regardless of the better or the worse, in their relationship.

Instead of respecting the privacy of marriage, many young people are washing their dirty clothes in public including what they know about each other’s parents. This is going to be kept on record forever. What does a person gain by saying defamatory remarks against a person one has shared a life with. When people get married, they become birds of the same feather and none could put the other down without sharing the derogatory remarks.

Foroyaa strongly advices all young people to be their marital partner’s keeper and protector.

The foundation of marriage is the husband and the wife . They should maintain a bond of love , respect and trust . Children should cement the foundation.

Hence even if love dies respect and trust should remain to rekindle the love quenched by misunderstanding. Be a new Gambian with a sense of dignity and self-worth so that we could build a new Gambia of dignified citizens .