Yankuba Touray Concludes Testimony under Examination in Chief


By Mariama Marong

Yankuba Touray, a former cabinet minister in the AFPRC and APRC regimes has on Thursday, 25th February 2021 concluded his testimony under examination in chief.

Below are the questions and answers in verbatim. He was led by his lawyer, Abdoulie Sisoho. He continued from where he stopped in the last sitting.

The last question was “Alagie Kanyi said they were briefed in your hoise between 6 pm and 8 pm.:

Yankuba Touray: That is impossible.

Lawyer Abdoulie Sisoho: Can you tell the court why that is impossible

Yankuba Touray: Because I was at home with my family.

Lawyer Abdoulie Sisoho: Apart from your family, who else was at your house?

Yankuba Touray: My mates were there, guards and some of my neighbors were there watching Television in the house, because I was among the few privileged where I live with a TV and video player including a standby generator.

Lawyer Abdoulie Sisoho: Mr.Touray on that particular day, were your guards on duty that day?

Yankuba Touray: Guards were on duty and posted.

Lawyer Abdoulie Sisoho: Mr Touary, kanyi said in this court that, he and jatta were left in your residence from 7pm to 12am, is that true?

Yankuba Touray: That is a lie.

Lawyer Abdoulie Touray: Why?

Yankuba Touray: Because Kanyi said before this court that he has never visited my home and he doesn’t know where I live, but he was with Edward Singateh and they were coming to my compound.

Lawyer Abdoulie Sisoho: Have you ever abandoned your house at Kololi and where you live with your family and guards?

Yankuba Touray: I have never live in Kololi.

Lawyer Abdoulie Sisosho: Have you ever abandon your family and guards in your house in Kerr Sering?

Yankuba Touray: No.

Lawyer Abdoulie Sisoho: Mr. Touray, the day Yahya Jammeh was leaving the country to Ethiopia, did you see Alhagie Kanyi that day.

Yankuba Touray: No.

Lawyer Abdoulie Sisoho: Mr. Touray, Mr Kanji told this court that you, Edward Singateh and Peter Singateh came with Koro Ceesay in your house.

Yankuba Touray: No.

Lawyer Abdoulie Sisoho: Why?

Yankuba Touray: Because I was already with President Yahya Jammeh to the airport and I came back with the convoy to the State House.

Lawyer Abdoulie Sisoho: Mr. Touray, Mr Kanyi was asked specific question whether you killed Koro Ceesay and his answer was Peter Singateh, Edward Singateh, You and BK Jatta beat Koro Ceesay mercilessly.

Yankuba Touray: No.

Lawyer Abdoucar Sisoho: Finally, Mr. Touray, apart from seeing Koro Ceesay at the airport, did you see him after the departure of the president?

Yankuba Touray: No.

Lawyer Abdoulie Sisoho: Mr. Touray, Mr Kanyi also said you, Edward and Peter handle the body of decease Koro Ceesay and drove away.

Yankuba Touary: No.

Lawyer Abdoulie Sisoho: Mr. Touray, Kanyi said that you killed Koro Ceesay.

Sisoho: The state starts cross examination of PW3 Yankuba Touray.

The State were invited to cross-examine Touray

Lawyer AM Yusuf: You have told this honorable court that, you drove to the airport alongside with the Chairman, Yahya Jammeh.    

Yankuba Touray: I drove with the Chairman in the same car.

The case was adjourned to Monday, 1st March 2021 at 1 pm for the continuation of cross-examination.