“Yaaruwan!” Part 4 (Wardship and the Wicked Foster Mother)


By Amie Sillah Lifestyles The girls have grown up into two different damsels of opposite personality, Yaaruwanboth beautiful and attractive, Di a black beauty with striking features and inside golden disposition, courteous, discipline and studious loved and respected by friends and relatives even her foes in the person of her mother and younger sister envy her humble and dignified character while her younger sister Ndaxte is everything the opposite of Di’s good and noble character. Ndaxte is fair in complexion as her mother, rude, insensitive with lumpen characteristics but still Mama’s favourite pet child. Ndaxte She is not working but survives in ‘Runs’ (prostitution) which is encouraged by Mama so long as she brings in the goodies. With Alhajj Banta He is one of the elders who originated from the village but stays in Greater Banjul. He visits the village frequently; his eldest wife stays at the village with his mother. Alhajj Banta came with Ndaxte and dropped her at the gate. Di She came out from the house and saw them and could not believe her eyes she screamed and scolded them. “Is this you Alhajj Banta, Prof’s right hand man? What are you doing frolicking withhis daughter? Are you not ashamed of yourself, aso-called ‘respected’ elder?” ‘Dry Eye Cover Shame’ Alhajj pretended as if she was not addressing him. Ndaxte She insulted and called her names. “Who are you to insult and embarrass my guest? Who gave you the temerity and audacity to do so?” Di “I’ll not be intimidated by your taunts and insults; you can call me names do I care? I am concern because I am your elder sister and Prof asked me to look after the family and I’ll never disappoint our dad even when he has passed on.” Ndaxte “Our dad is dead, gone and buried, he was in the past and we are now in the present, never in your life should you embarrass any of my guests again. Do you understand?” Yaate She went out and came in time to witness the exchanges. She greeted Alhajj and asked after his health. “How is Greater Banjul and your family in the city? Long time I haven’t seen you since Prof’s death, how can you treat your ‘arwo’ (first wife) as such?” Alhajj “That’s why I am here today, I saw Ndaxte and decided to give her a lift home.” Di She intervened. “It is not true he is lying, I saw them with my naked eyes they were kissing and fondling each other, is that not an abomination? Alhajj is our uncle for Allah’s sake.” Yaate “Is Alhajj a blood relative? Even if he is do I care? Leave your sister alone, she is progressive while your lead a wretched and miserable life. Let her be I approved of it.” Ndaxte She is happy as she drew Alhajj and kissed him in front of her mother’s eyes; Yaate smiled and said. Yaate “Have fun and you are always welcomed to my home. You would have married her had you not reach the limit of four wives but all the same have fun.” Di “Is that what you have to say? She can frolic with any other man but certainly not Alhajj dad’s best pal.” Yaate “What can I say but ask you to let her be; you’ll not do ‘runs’ then do what you can do and leave your ‘progressive’ sister alone, how can you marry if you don’t befriend men?” Di She decided to go when Ndaxte called her back. Ndaxte “Alhajj bought some provision for us and gave me this for myself and this for you.” Yaate She smiled and counted her money. “D10, 000! Is this not too much after buying all these provision for us?” Alhajj “It is my pleasure, feel free and I have already given Ndaxte my number.” Yaate “Thank you very much and greet everyone for me.” Ndaxte “Di! Come and unload the boot hence you are only good in eating but not bringing anything.” Di She stood and ignored her. Ndaxte protested and Yaate concurred. Yaate “Didn’t you hear your sister asking you to help?” Di “No! She is not talking to me because I am neither her maid nor her servant.” Ndaxte “Mama you heard her; I’ll call the garden boy Burima to unload but she is not going to eat from it.” Di “Do I want to eat from it? I am contented with what I have and will not be fed byill-gotten things from ‘runs’.” Ndaxte “Mama! You heard her? Suit yourself!” Yaate “Let your word be your bond, we shall see!” Ndaxte She called Burima who unload and took the provision to the pantry. Yaate “How much has Alhajj gave you?” Ndaxte “Mama! You have got your own and I’ll not share what I have with you. He gave me a cheque of D100, 000.” Yaate “But that’s a lot of money and I hope you are going to spend it wisely.” Ndaxte “Of course! I told him I want to replace my ward robe and that is exactly what I am going to do trust me.” Yaate “Think wisely my daughter such money is not easy to come by. Save it for leaner times and make do with your clothes they are still new, designer and presentable.” Ndaxte “Think positive Mama! I am a ‘hot babe’, there are still many ‘big fish’ at sea and my net is very strong.” Yaate “Suit yourself, I trust you my daughter. You are definitely using what you have to get what you want.” Di Business is dull and many customers owe her, she decided to borrow some money from her mother until she collects her debts. “Mama! Business is dull and my customers owe me a lot of money but promise to pay by end of month, can you borrow me D1000 to buy some condiments for my business and I don’t mind paying back with an interest.” Yaate She hissed and said. “You know I am not working and the money I have is given by Ndaxte who gets it from ‘runs’ and since you are holier than thou, you cannot use such money. I am sorry I have no money for you.” Di “Please Mama help me you know I’ve never solicit any assistance from you this time it is just due to circumstances beyond my control. Please help me for once and I am ready to pay with interest.” Ndaxte She came into the sitting room ready to go for a date. She hissed at Di without greeting her and spoke directly to Mama. “Mama! My cosmetics are exhausted and I need to replace them, I am going for a date with one business tycoon, pray that my night is good I’ll reward you handsomely.” Yaate “Why not my daughter? You are effectively and efficiently using what you have to get what you want and I expect handsome reward. Give me my purse at my cosmetic desk.” Ndaxte brought the purse and Yaate counted D2000. 00 and gave it to her. Good luck!” She kissed her. Di She turned away and went to her room as Yaate mocked and laughed at her. Yaate “Stupid girl! Wait for ‘clean money’, why should you come and ask me money?” She hissed. To be Cont.]]>