Wuli East Lawmaker RelectedVows to Tackle Security in His Constituency


By: Kebba AF Touray

Suwaibou Touray, the National Assembly Member for Wuli East Constituency, has vowed to tackle the security challenges confronting his constituency as he secured the mandate of his constituents to serve a second term.

“Wuli is an area that knows what development is about and every village has their development associations who use their own resources to develop their respective villages, despite being taxpayers,” Suwaible said, during an interview with this reporter.

“The security of the people and their properties is very significant, but it must not stop at the security of persons but their properties such as their animals as well,” Suwaibu said; that during the past five years, the people of Wuli were disturbed by armed bandits and issues of animal theft and robbery.

“All this is due to the fact that the security officers do not take the security of the properties of the people with seriousness. They think that this is not important, and the existing law does not guarantee the protection of animals,” Touray said; that because of this lapse in the country’s laws, if unscrupulous people steal people’s animals and get caught, they normally get bailed without facing many prosecutions; that they will be seen roaming in streets, and in the midst of people whose animals they stole. He said in the past, the National Assembly’s Public Petitions Committee came to Wuli East and made investigations and developed recommendations which were submitted to Government; that in addition to the efforts of the Wuli East Animal Protection Association, these animal theft cases have drastically reduced and has as well improved the security of animals in the area.

“So, we will continue on the path of such development crusades for the protection of lives and properties in the Wuli. We will continue in that trajectory to ensure that development continues in our constituency,” he said.

Touray secured his second term of office as the representative of the people of Wuli East at the April 9 legislative polls, with a massive victory over his opponents. He will occupy the legislative seat of Wuli East until 2026 and during his second term, he will among other things work towards ensuring the development and the protection of lives and livelihoods in his constituency.