Abdoulie G. Dibba As the rainy season is at its peak and rainfall considered as normal so far, farmers in Wuli East District of the Upper River Region A groundnut farm with poorly germinating plants(URR) are worried over the poor germination of nuts in their groundnuts farms which may lead to poor harvest. This complaint of poor germination of groundnut plants by farmers is not the first time as those in Niani have reported a similar experience in their farms early this week. As groundnut is the main cash crop of the country, this development is very worrisome to the farmers as it may lead to a poor harvest thus posing a threat to their livelihood as well as increased their poverty. Notwithstanding, the concerned farmers have expressed optimism with the cereal crops such as rice, maize, early and late millet. Talking to Foroyaa, Alasana Jawneh, a farmer in his fifties in Sutukoba in Wuli East District, said the problem has affected many farms in the District, including his own, despite the fact that they have sown the seeds early and there is normal rainfall. “I first sown thirty kilograms of groundnut seeds but after realizing that they are poorly germinating, I again planted an extra twenty kilograms to fill the gaps in between the plants,” revealed Jawneh. In order for him to do this, Jawneh said he had to use the groundnut that was reserved for domestic consumption. “The groundnut that was left in the house as food for household consumption was what I eventually used for the re-planting. I spent D1150 to buy a bag of shelled groundnut which I sold at D775 during the trade season,” said Jawneh. He emphasized that this is a great lost to him. Jawneh also confirmed that if this trend continues they will end up having a poor groundnut harvest. Another farmer in Baja Kunda also confirmed having the same experience with his groundnut farm. He revealed that after planting he saw the big gaps in between the plants caused by poor germination. He further explained that he had to buy additional groundnut seeds costing him D2000 and which he used to re-plant. He said his farm is still not performing as expected, adding that he is not optimistic of a good harvest in his groundnut farm.  ]]>