Wrestler with an eye injury declared loser without a fight


By Sulayman Bah A wrestler, who was due for a make or break combat, was left with an eyeFlex injury which led to the controversial decision of declaring his proposed opponent the winner without the match being fought. Flex was lined up to rub shoulders with Jinneh Morry – once viewed as Gambia’s face of wrestling – but left the arena moments before the combat started to go for treatment at an undisclosed hospital. Serrekunda West mini-stadium was the scene of chaos on Saturday last week as what was to be a grand wrestling razzle-dazzle turned ugly with two of the biggest fights of the night unable to hold. Serrekunda Mbolloh’s Jinneh Morry and his adversary Flex were apparently ready to face-off when the latter held his right eye, grimacing in agony, as medics rushed to attend to him. Flex, as shown in the picture above, had trouble with his right eye as tears were running down his cheek and it was claimed that pepper like substance was blown into the eye. The club’s ace appearing to be in discomfort was later rushed to hospital by his entourage despite the insistence of medics that he was fit enough to fight. Jinneh Morry was eventually declared winner on refereeing decision after Flex failed to show up. The cause of the problem is yet to be established but what is certain is that the Gambia Wrestling Association (GWA) is investigating the matter. ‘We are making finding about it and as to what exactly happened. There are different versions to the story. We will reveal our findings once we are done,’ GWA’s spokesperson Matarr Saine told Foroyaa Sport yesterday morning.]]>