Wrestler quits after thrashing


By Sulayman Bah A wrestler has called for time up in his career after losing a match, Tanga JirrForoyaa Sport can report. ‘Soldier man’ suffered a walloping to fellow contender and eventual match winner ‘Tanga Jirr’ early this year in a bout staged by M and B promotions at the Independence Stadium. Soildier man had to endure torrential blows from his opponent and had twice went out of the ring under pressure from an all-out- assaulting Tanga Jirr and would later be brought back into the arena before being bundled down in a combat that lasted just three minutes. The much-talked about duel ended in acrimony with two fans apprehended by the Police. The two supporters are said to have disputed over the match before a fight erupted leading to their arrest. The incident is reported to have escalated before a delegation of elders led by the wrestler appealed for clemency which later resulted in the release of the two fans. Exasperated by the incident, “Solider man” announced his decision to quit wrestling. A source closed to the wrestler confirmed that the ace is negotiating with his overseers over coming out of retirement ahead of the start of the coming wrestling season.  ]]>