All sides of the political divide in the US have accepted the two states solution. It is Hamas which they used to accuse of denying the existence of Israel. Now it is Netanyahu who is denying the existence of a Palestinian people with a right to self-determination and Independence. Netanyahu told the electorate that there will never be a Palestinian state as long as he is Prime Minister after legitimising that Israel is a Jewish State. This means that the West Bank and Gaza would be like the old Bantustans in South Africa with taxpaying residents without rights to public services and security of persons and whose taxes could be seized by Israel with impunity to deprive them of general welfare. Hence, just as Black South Africans lived like third class subjects under the apartheid regime, the Palestinians are also being subjected to another form of apartheid. Hence, the Israeli government under Netanyahu is preparing to isolate itself from the rest of the world. The Israeli flag will soon be fuelling flames as they get burnt by protesters in the Middle East. If the US continues its policy of uncritical support of Israel, US flags would be catching flames again all over the globe. The US congress would have to decide whether they are representing US citizens in particular, and the just causes of the world which could earn the US moral authority or are accomplices of apartheid tendencies which gave rise to the holocaust. Israel earned tremendous sympathies because of the attempt to commit genocide against the Jewish people in Europe because of narrow nationalism. The greatest honour leaders of Israel could have paid to holocaust survivors is to build a non-racial and non-sectarian secular democratic Israeli state which could co-exist in peace, side by side, with a non-racial non-sectarian secular democratic Palestinian state which could guarantee liberty and prosperity to all their peoples. This is the cornerstone of peace and security in the Middle East which the US president and Congress should cooperate to usher in as soon as possible if they are to avoid alienation. The Middle East could never attain sustainable peace until there is a secular democratic Republic in all the countries riddled with crisis such as Israel, Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Yemen, Oman Bahrain, Libya and the rest. Obama is dragging the US from being the epicentre of world conflict which gave birth to the Vietnamese, Iraqi and Afghan invasions as well as opening up to former foes like Iran and Cuba without alienating Saudi Arabia and other states. This has reduced anti US campaigns. This trend should extend to the building of secular democratic Republics where one’s race, religion, gender, birth and origin will not be a fetter to the enjoyment of liberty and prosperity. This is what could save the world from catastrophe.]]>