Women’s Bureau Communication Officer Says FGM/C Declined by 41% in Gambia


Mariama Marong

Neneh Touray, the Head of Communication of Women’s Bureau, has revealed that Female Genital Mutilation/ Cutting (FGM/C) has dropped from 98% to 57%.

The Women’s Bureau, as part of its mandate to build the capacity of women on matters relating to Gender Based Violence (GBV), organised three days capacity building program for local women, women Alkalolu , women councillors and women in district tribunals on issues of FGM, child marriage and early pregnancy in Mansakonko, Lower River Region.

The training was fully funded by the United Nations International Child Emergency Fund UNICEF.

Mrs. Touray said the recent statistics in the Mix report- which looked at zero to 14 ages of girls- indicated 57% compared to the previous report which recorded about 98%. She added that the decline is a significant decrement of cutting on girls.

Touray said capacities had been built but the practise still remains, which is the main challenge hindering gender based violence. She said their objective is to eliminate the remaining 41% of the harmful traditional practice of FGM/C.

“The main objective of the campaign is to eradicate the harmful traditional practice,” she said.

Madam Touray said GBV and its related issues are challenges affecting communities within the country and the practice is happening daily in communities without being notice.

“It is important to build the capacity of women leaders, women councillors, Alkalos, district tribunals’ women on GVB,” she said. 

Touray also said in addressing mutilation, child marriage, and early pregnancy need a holistic approach and the participation of every individuals within the country, most especially women in district tribunals who deal with cases of GBV.

“Is vital for women in district tribunals to know how to address issues relating to FGM/C, child marriage, early pregnancy” she said.