Thursday, June 24, 2021

Women Vendors Threatened With Eviction Solicit Government Intervention


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Women vendors selling within the precincts of Westfield, told this medium that they have been threatened with eviction by some Municipal Council Officers from the KMC and urgently appeal for Government’s intervention.

The women vendors who came in their numbers, comprise of the young and old, and all of them are petty traders who are engaged in selling roasted groundnut, fruit sellers etc. The women who were aggrieved with anxiety, raised concern that the KMC has sent them a short notice to pack up and vacate to another location.

The notice the vendors said is a short and threatening one. Many of them claim to be doing business in the vicinity for more than two decades; that it is the place they get their daily livelihood for themselves and their families, pay rent and school fees for their children and feed the family.

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