Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Women Gardeners of Faraba-Sutu Call for Assistance


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By Nelson Manneh

The women of Faraba-Sutu Village in the Kombo East District of the West Coast Region, are seeking for assistance from philanthropists to fence their garden.

The women farmers said as at now, they are not doing anything for a living; that during the dry season, they usually engage themselves in the gardens and this is not possible due to the condition of the fences.

“Now that we are not able to do any work, we find it difficult to get vegetables for ourselves,” they said.

Mariama Jadama a widow in the village said she lives with her grandchildren who are too young and cannot assist her with any work in the garden. “I do not have any helper. The foodstuff I get from gardening is what I use for my family’s upkeep. Anything I am able to cook to feed myself and my family, comes from the gardening work,” she said. Jadama added that she is solely responsible for the education of her children, and does some domestic work that comes her way, in order to maintain her children’s education.

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Maimuna Colley another villager, said all the two gardens in the village are not functioning because the gardens do not have good fence; that the fences of the two gardens are in very poor conditions that cattle and small ruminants enter the garden at any time and from any direction, to destroy whatever is in their way. “They eat all our vegetables and we have no money to put up proper and strong fencing for the two gardens. We seek support from anybody. We want to continue with our activities in the gardens. We do not want to become beggars, we want to live by our sweat,” she asserted.

Binta Camara another woman said during the past years, they have managed with the fencing of the garden; that they also used to sit and guard against the destruction of their crops by the stray animals. “In those days, we use to manage the fencing and sometimes sit in the garden the whole day till late at night, just drive these animals away. But this year, we cannot do this because the whole fence is damaged. The two gardens are not in use as at now,” she said.

The women of Faraba Sutu call on philanthropist to come to their aid. Anyone who wants to assist can reach them on the following numbers: 3053734 or 6830936, or Foroyaa on 4380885.

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