Woman Seeks Assistance to Complete Construction of Family House


Mariam Mendy, a widow and single mother living in New Jeshwang, is in urgent need of assistance to complete the roofing of her house that is exposed to destruction from the coming rains.

Mendy said she managed to rebuild her collapsed building since last year and since then, been trying to put a roof over it to no avail, due to lack of finance.

According to Mariam, a neighbor helped her with roofing materials but needs finance to buy corrugated iron sheets to finish job so that she can have a place to move in with her three children; that the house comprises two bedrooms and a parlor. She said she presently resides in a makeshift shack with her three children, but due to last night’s heavy downpour, the sack was flooded with water.

For any assistance, Ms. Mendy can be reached on the following number: 7909925