WIZ MAHA Releases debut Singles “Help Gambian Music” Says Hip Hop Artist


Foroyaa: Introduce yourself to our readers?Muhammed Jobe Wiz maha: My name is Muhammed Jobe, alias Wiz Maha. I am a Gambian national and a resident in Latrikunda German. Foroyaa: What is your profession? Wiz maha: I am an hip-hop artiste and am also a student Foroyaa: What inspired you to become an artiste? Wiz maha: No one inspired me. I just love music since my childhood days and which I later pursued as a profession. Foroyaa: When did you start performing as an artiste? Wiz maha: I started doing music in 2009. Foroyaa: Have you produced any single? Wiz maha: Yes, I have recorded many singles which include the first “Hustler”, “Let it go” which was produced in 2009 by ‘Efee Records’ in Tabokoto and my third promotional single entitled “Taylor Gang”. This was produced in same studio in 2010. All these tracks are hip-hop music. Foroyaa: Why are you not promoting these tracks in the media? Wiz maha: Yes, you right, I’m still recording new tracks for this year with one still in studio production. The reason why I’m not promoting my music is because I’m not in a hurry as I’m competing with anyone. The other reason is that I want to take my time to produce quality music with good lyrics. I will eventually expose my products. Foroyaa: Did you produce any music video? Wiz maha: Not yet, but I’m planning to produce one soon. Foroyaa: Do you have any other project in the pipeline? Wiz maha: Right now what I’m planning and working towards producing an album hopefully in two years time or less. Foroyaa: Do you have someone managing you? Wiz maha: Not yet, but is part of my plans to have a good management team. I’m presently working with experience people who give me advice. Foroyaa: Do you sometimes perform shows? Wiz maha: Yes, I do. Foroyaa: Do you have the support and encouragement of parents and family? Wiz maha: Oh yes, all my family is giving me all the support I need from them. Foroyaa: How do you see the development of the Gambian music? Wiz maha: Gambian music needs more help from stakeholders, including the government. We need protection regarding copyright, a music school and quality studios, among others. Foroyaa: How do you relate with other artists? Wiz maha: Well, I have cordial relations with them? Foroyaa: Why are you engaged in music? Wiz maha: My mission is to produce good lyrics that teach, educate and entertain the society. Foroyaa: Are there any constraints in your work? Wiz maha: I have so many challenges. I need a good management, producer, and even financial support to continue with work. Foroyaa: Any advice to your fellow artistes, producers, D.Js and promoters? Wiz maha: I want us to all work as a team and to be supporting each other as we have the goal and that is promoting music. Foroyaa: Any last word to share with our readers, in particular, and the public, in general? Wiz maha: I want them to support Gambian musicians and music to reach higher heights and fulfill its role in the Gambian society and the world at large. I love them for loving our music. I als thank your meium for exposing us. Wiz maha can be contacted: wizmaha’s facebook: wizmahajobe]]>