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Witness Explains How She Escaped Witch-Hunters in Kanilai


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By Yankuba Jallow

A witness on Tuesday, 26th November 2019 explained in detail her mysterious escape from the witch-hunters at the residence of former President Yahya Jammeh.

Dado Bah was part of several people who were abducted in Sintet sometime in 2009 by witch-hunters under the auspices of former President Yahya Jammeh.

The mother of five said the close relatives of former President Jammeh living in Sintet heard the news of the coming of the witch-hunters earlier and fled before they arrived.
She said she was abducted by a witch-hunter who came to her home. She said the witch hunter pointed a mirror at her and asked her to look into the mirror.

“When I look into the mirror, I saw myself then the witch-hunter said I have to go with them to their vehicle,” he said.

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She said her son’s wife became nervous and shock and gave birth to a child who died as a consequence. She said this was because the man was dressed in all red and it was the first time her in-law saw someone dressed in all red and having mirrors.

“The doctors told them that it was the shock that raise the blood pressure and the child died as a consequent of the shock,” she said.

She said this was the first time her daughter in-law give birth.

She said the witch-hunters were escorted by Green Boys and Girls and soldiers who were standing outside her compound. She added that the Green Boys and Girls had spades, pickaxe and diggers. She said she got the news from her colleagues that Solo Bojang was their leader. She said she boarded a truck which took her to Kanilai, the home village of former President Jammeh.

According to her, she was not able to climb the truck because it was high and there was a Green Boy who went to fetch a stick with the intention of beating her. She said a man came to her rescue, but he was beaten by the Green Boy for helping her.

She said while in the truck, she noticed the witch-hunters slaughtered a red goat and buried it in the village. She said it was the Green Boys who dug the hole where the goat was buried because they were having diggers, spade and pickaxe. She said they were taken to former President Yahya Jammeh’s residence in Kanilai.

She said when they arrived at Yahya Jammeh’s residence, they were provided lunch and she was among the few people who ate.

“I ate a little because I couldn’t eat owing to the fear I was having then,” she said.
She said there was a man from Sintet who came with a “Gele-Gele” and some people boarded on the vehicle to return to Sintet.

“I was among the last people on the queue to drink the concoction. The concoction got finished and the Green Boy left our area and went to fetch water. Fortunately for me, I got up from where I was sitting and I tried to escape. I managed to get the “Gele-Gele” and I board on it,” she said.

She said at the time she escaped, the process of giving the concoction stopped because it was finished. She added that the Green Boys went to the pool having the crocodile to fetch water to be used with the leaves and other materials as the concoction.

“I saw the Green Boys fetch water from the pool of crocodiles and the people drank it as the concoction,” she said.

She said all those who drank the concoction were lying flat while those who boarded the “Gele-Gele” did not drink the concoction.

“I did not drink the concoction and I did not take bath with it,” she said.

“I left them in a bad condition in Kanilai. They were not moving and they were not talking. They were like dead people,” she said.

She said some of the abductees spent two to three days in Kanilai and when they returned home, they were in very bad condition.

“Some could not eat. Some could not walk,” she said.

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