Will There Be A Deal Between Union And Government This Time?



A union is concerned about the interest of its members and would do all it can to protect their interest. A government is supposed to serve the people as a whole and that should include commercial drivers. It should pursue a deal that preserves the public interest without hurting the drivers.

A key element in this deal for a tariff is the pump price of fuel. When it is high and the government enforces the tariff it hurts the drivers and in in order to recoup the loss the drivers resort to charging commuters three fares between two destinations instead of one. For example, to travel from Brikama to Serrekunda, one may have no option but to board a vehicle in three stages, from Brikama to Farato, to Lamin and then to Serrekunda.

What is important is to reach a fair deal, a win-win outcome, so to speak, that may require revising the pump price of fuel.

Let us hope that the involvement of GCCPC, the independent watchdog established by law to monitor and ensure fair deals may make a difference. There should be no delay on this because the public is suffering in paying two, three or more fares instead of just one.