Will All Those Who Took Forms To Stand As Candidates Actually Go All The Way?



Foroyaa has been rightly informed that the following parties and independent candidates have picked up nomination forms, giving the impression that we will have 25 candidates in the presidential election:

Political Parties: GFA, UDP, GMC, APP, ARND, GDC, CA, GANU, PDOIS, GAP, NPP, NUP and DP.

Independent Candidates: Joseph H. Joof, Marie Sock-Jobarteh, Alagie Mamadi Kurang, Mathew Gomez, Ebrima Tabora Manneh, Momodou Bah 1, Momodou Bah 2, Banky, Mamadi K.S. Camara, Essa Mbye Faal, Matar Nyang and Papa Faal.

This would be outstanding in the history of elections in the country. The largest number of candidates the IEC had presided over is five. In the 2016 presidential election only three contested and the people were able to make a decision.

It is likely to have four types of political scenarios in the coming presidential election. One may have a situation where those who stand for regime change having their own coalition while those who stand for system change have their own coalition, to fight a three way race.

Secondly, one may have a situation where others will accept to support a candidate who is willing to offer a one term presidency, an inclusive government and non-exploitative incumbent in the coming presidential election.

The third scenario is for the contestants to check their political weight and decide on their accord without supporting another candidate.

Lastly, the people may be provoked by the sheer number of candidates and just focus on one candidate to teach them not to contest elections just for the sake of doing so.