Mr. Bojang, a former staff of Kairaba Pharmacy, together with his colleague, one Mrs. Fatou Njie, was serving a sentence of five years imprisonment. “It was on Friday night when I received a phone call from a non familiar number with someone informing me about the release of my husband. The caller asked me to come to Westfiled or at Mile Two to arrange for the departure of my husband,” said Manyima Bojang, the wife of Matarr Bojang. Mrs Bojang said after hearing the good news she then informed all the rest of the family who all became excited and were rejoicing. “I then hired a taxi which I paid D800 to take me to Westfield to pick up my husband and then came home with him,” said the wife. She explained that they were together with the extended family, friends and neighbours for the whole day on Saturday. “On that Saturday night, as the two of us were together in our house, I went out and saw two men at our door. When I enquired about their mission, they told me that they were asking for my husband and when I asked them for what purpose do they need him, their response was that he was supposed to sign something at the Brikama police station,” said Mrs. Bojang. Mrs Bojang said as she went inside to inform the husband, these two men followed her in and called the husband aside to talk to him. After talking to them outside, she explained, her husband came back to the room to ask her to take care of the family as he was going with them and do not know what will happen next. “I wanted to follow them to the Brikama police station where they said they are taking him to but the men who came for my husband told me that it was not necessary. As I followed them to the gate, I saw a lot of armed soldiers surrounding our compound outside and waiting to take my husband away,” said the wife.]]>