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Wife Hunts For Husband’s Killers


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By Mustapha Jallow

Isatou Fatty, wife of late Mahawa Cham, continues to hunt for those who killed her husband, during the former regime.

Fatty said those responsible for the disappearance of Cham should be arrested and prosecuted for making their lives difficult as wives and family members.

Speaking at her family home in Brusubi on Tuesday 5th March 2018, Fatty told this medium that her husband was captured and summarily executed along with Sulayman Ndow aka ‘Saul’ Ndow, in 2013.

‘‘I used to visit him regularly when he was staying in Dakar. In 2013, I decided to visit him again but was shocked when I received a phone call from his colleagues, that he (the husband) and Ndow were captured in Senegal and transported to Banjul,’’ she explained.

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According to Fatty, they will not relent in calling on the authorities to take immediate action and investigate the brutal murder of their loved one.

She narrated: ‘‘He left 7 children behind. Let the authorities and the International community look into this and other heinous crimes that have been committed by the former president. Our children want to know the truth. They also want to know those responsible for the killing of their father,’’ She said sorrowfully.

She described the challenges they currently face as a result of the absence of their breadwinner. ‘‘Our children’s school fees, the feeding of the entire family and other basic needs, are growing challenges we go through every day since he was murdered. We as the wives cannot meet all the needs of the family that my husband was taking care of,’’ she concludes.

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