Why would anyone want to serve for more than two terms when in Nigeria and USA there are only two terms of four years?



Foroyaa raised the question that all African Democrats are asking as the Guinean and Ivorian Presidents seek third terms and the debate on the issue of term limit takes a new turn in The Gambia.

The question is asked so that all Gambians would support the inclusion of a two term limit in the Constitution.

Modou Joof however introduced the following element.

“But, if they self-perpetuate while in opposition, there is no guarantee that they would not do the same when they are in office.’’

Is this true? Of course, this cannot be true if what Foroyaa is advocating for is put in place. Commonsense perception does not always stand the test of objective analysis.

A term limit in a constitution is put there precisely to make it impossible for even the politically greedy to remain in office. Hence his remarks are completely out of place and do not help the advocacy for a term limit in the constitution which is the prime object of the answer to the question. It aims to trivialize it.

Notwithstanding, his remarks would be transmitted to the opposition parties for their response. See next issue for his comment and any response received from any political party.