Monday, August 2, 2021

Why Is The Political Scene Changing By The Day?


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Political parties are mushrooming while the political situation is being defined by a growing political rivalry between former political associates and a political demand by a group which does not want to be linked to any political party.

What are going to be the fundamental differences between the political parties which are rising in number? Freedom of political association is a right of Gambian citizens and it is being exercised as never before.

The increase in the number of parties confirms that the Gambians are undecided as to which way the Gambia should head. It is on the 19th January that one would know whether there are any forces which would want Gambia to be ungovernable. It is then that we would know whether we would spend some time quenching fire or continue to nurture a genuine multi-party system.

In the interim Gambians will have to continue to nurture a climate of political tolerance where the maturity of the citizenry would be the only way of ensuring informed choice so that the development that the people aspire to would be delivered as hoped for.

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