Why Is Barrow To Be Inaugutrated On 19th January


Many Gambians are asking why President Barrow is being inaugurated on 19th January. The inauguration is in accordance with the 1997 Constitution.

In short, Section 63 of the 1997 Constitution states:

“(1)  The term of office of an elected President shall, subject to subsection (3) and (6), be for a term of five years; and the person elected President shall before assuming office take the prescribed oaths.

(2)  The  person  declared  elected  as President  shall  take the prescribed  oaths and  assume  office  on  the  day  the  term  of  office  of  the  incumbent   President expires.”

Furthermore, according to Section 46,

“There shall be an election for the office of President in the three months before the expiration of the term of the incumbent President. The dates for the nomination of candidates and for holding the election shall be determined by the Independent Electoral Commission.”

It is therefore important to know when President Barrow assumes office. The facts would reveal that he took oath of office on 19th January 2017. Five years from 19th January 2017 would be up to 18th January 2022 at midnight. This is why Barrow is now being inaugurated on 19th January 2022.