Why are the US and Europe the Epicentre of COVID-19 Death Toll?



Technology is more advanced in the US and Europe. However, the economies of the two areas in the world are being crippled by lockdown.

India and China are the most populous parts of the world. Lock down had gripped both countries in a bid to combat COVID-19. Over four Billion people are currently confined in their homes.

The death toll in Europe is over one hundred thousand.

Italy counts for almost one quarter of the deaths numbering 23,227; Spain is numbering 20,043 deaths, France -19,323 deaths; Britain-15,464 deaths and Germany – 3,400 deaths,.

China’s death toll is put at 4,632. US is estimated to have 38000 deaths. Africa is estimated to reach the one thousand mark.

Over two Million people in the world are reported to have tested positive and over one hundred and fifty-eight thousand people are killed by COVID-19. Europe and the US constitute the bulk of the fatalities. Why? We will search for the answer from the experts.

The most dangerous menace in the world is COVID-19. There should be collective effort to build the health system that would enable humankind to eradicate the illness.