Who Will Help To Unite The United States Of America?


From the unity of states to the unity of the people

The caging of the citizens of the united states by COVID 19 has been followed by a growing outrage against historical injustices which is displayed in a manner unprecedented since the civil rights protests of the 60s.

The sudden outburst of violent protests after the murder of George Floyd gave the impression that civil war would break out in the US costing lives and properties that would impact massively in the polarization of the country on the basis of colour and historical origin.

The temperature simmered down as the people transformed the agony of injustice into a collective conscience that revolted against any attempt to legitimize hatred of any form. Extremism on both sides of the divide were contained and mainstream America became united against injustice . In order to cool down the temperature the campaign for the coming presidential elections took centre stage thus transforming the nature of the battle.

As the people head to the polls in December which ever candidate is able to transform the US into a rainbow nation where all lives matter without any discrimination will be the unifying force to save the US from a subtle civil war that is likely to undermine its status in world politics and world economics. The future of the US is in the hands of main stream America. If it fails to unite and deliver America, they would reap the crop of civil strife and disintegration.