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The month of April and May have been very eventful.

The press in the Gambia is different from the electronic media which most Gambians listened to.

The press has been covering arrests, detentions, trials and disappearances. Investigations have been conducted with families to record their concerns and challenges. Letters and press releases have been published and editorials calling for justice and reason to prevail have been written.

Those who read these articles are quite conversant with the court proceedings and the whole political situation as perceived internally and externally.

The electronic media on the other hand has curtailed its coverage of events.

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Many Gambians who listen to the electronic media outside, especially Senegalese television channels and online radio stations, would have been exposed to reports of preparations of marches to the state house, calls for the burning down of certain facilities and car tyres in the streets which gave the impression that hell was about to break loose.

It is however difficult to know at this stage who the Gambian people are listening to. They seem to be standing aloof of all these events and do constitute the silent majority who complain but appear to be undecided in terms of who should lead them and how.

This is the burning question of the day. ‘Who does the Gambian people want to lead them?’ and ‘How do they want to be led?’ These are the questions that every Gambian should ask and answer himself or herself. This will determine the type of political conduct that should be promoted by each Gambian, if we want success in building the type of future fit for a sovereign and self determined people.

Foroyaa will continue to assist in finding answers to such questions.


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