WHO Head Condemns Comments against Africans on Covid-19 Vaccine Tests



Description: WHO officials say coronavirus spread outside of China is of ‘grave …

Tedros Adhanom, the Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO) has condemned the comments made by two French doctors suggesting that a vaccine trial for the Coronavirus should be tested in Africa.

“Africa cannot and will not be a testing ground for any vaccine,” the furious WHO Director General stated in his recent address, when the information was brought to his attention during a press conference.

‘‘At a time when I say when we need solidarity, such type of racist remarks actually would not help. We will test any vaccine or therapeutic with the same rule(s) across the world. It is disgraceful and appalling to hear such remarks within this moment especially from scientists, and we condemn this in the strongest possible terms. We assure you that this will not happen,’’ the WHO head said.

He said the African continent has currently registered more than 10,000 cases of Covid-19 and more than 400 deaths; that global cases have reached more than 1 million with more than 67,000 deaths. The WHO Director said efforts are ongoing to come up with a vaccine despite any conclusive medicine to cure the coronavirus at the moment.

Meanwhile one of the two French doctors who contributed to this degrading comments during a debate on prime time Television where they treated Africans like “human guinea pigs”, has since issued an outright apology for his disgraceful, distasteful and appalling comments to Africans.