Which Documents Are Required To Get Registration?


The following documents are required:
(a) a birth certificate;
(b) a Gambian passport;
(c) a National Identity Card;
(d) a document certified by the District Seyfo or an Alkalo of the village of birth of the applicant stating that the applicant was born in the district or village.
Some people claim that an Alkalo or Seyfo may not know a person resident in their district or village, respectively.
In the past, a provision for attestation by five elders was in the Act but had to be amended after opposition protest against fraudulent attestations without any power by the IEC to enquire into the legitimacy of the document.
What could be done is to hold the Alkalo and Seyfo accountable while permitting them to receive attestations for elders which should be filed and presented before revising courts should there be any challenge to the registration of any person issued with a card through the provision of a certificate due to attestations submitted to the respective Alkalo or Seyfo.