From the nonpartisan point of view, the auditor general is responsible for exposing all wrongdoing in auditing the accounts of central and local government institutions. Any corruption discovered is supposed to be addressed to the Inspector General of Police for consideration. However, commissions of inquiry could also be established to investigate or inquiry into any matter dealing with central or local government. Hence facts can be given to the auditor general that could lead to police investigation or vote controllers who may also refer matters to the police for investigation or request the president to institute a commission of inquiry which would require offices and funding to conduct their inquiry.

On a partisan level the NPP is in charge of central government and the UDP in charge of local government. Foroyaa did receive an invitation to cover the UDP demonstration of corruption at the level of central government and what could happen if the government has not set up a commission of inquiry. A commission of inquiry has already been set up to inquire on local government authorities and the NPP need not hold a demonstration against corruption in local government councils.

What is important is for both central and local government authorities to ensure efficiency, effectiveness, accountability, transparency and probity in all their undertakings. This is not a partisan affair but the dictates of the Constitution and the sovereign people of the republic.