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WHERE IS HARUNA GASSAMA? President of Rice Farmers Cooperative Society Ltd?


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Abdoulie G.Dibba Information reaching this reporter from Brikamaba in the Lower Fulladou District Central River Region South of the Republic of the Gambia indicates that Haruna Gassama, the President of the currentCentral River Rice Growers’ Cooperative has been arrested on Monday 2nd March 2015. This development took place after  Judgment  was delivered by her Ladyship Justice Penda Dibba on the 12th of January 2015 in favour of the plaintiff, Haruna Gassama and his committee, in which she ordered the defendants Alhagi Musa Gimbo Trawally and his committee to forthwith hand over the affairs and assets of the Rice Farmers Cooperative Society Ltd to the duly elected Executive of the Rice Farmers Cooperative Society Ltd (Haruna Gassama and his committee) and further give a true and proper account of the financial state and assets of the Rice Farmers Cooperative Society Ltd and the defendants (Alhagi Musa Gimbo Trawally and his committee) who are by each of them restrained from holding out himself or herself to be members of the Executive committee of Rice Farmers Cooperative Society Ltd and from continuing to act in such capacity during the term of the new Executive (Haruna Gassama and his committee) among others. Letters were shown to this reporter emanating from the counsel which sought to promote an amicable implementation of the court decision to avoid any further friction between the members of the present and past executive Committee One month after the Judgment without execution of the court’s  order, the Counsel of the plaintiff went to the high court to seek  an execution order, which was granted and  the Sheriff Division was ordered to execute the judgment of the court. They sent their staff to  Lower Fulladu to execute the order on Monday 2nd March 2015.  Haruna Gassama was arrested on that same day. A family source confirmed the arrest of Haruna Gassama but was quick to admit that his place of detention is unknown to the family.]]>

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