AMINATA MANNEH 2 individual citizens. Once a citizen of a state could be abducted and made to disappear without any visible action by the state to bring the abductors to book the state moves towards being a failed state.No serious government would allow anyone to operate outside the ambit of the law to abduct innocent citizens with impunity. In Mexico and Columbia, drug barons and criminal syndicates have utilised such environments to build their own squads of killers so that they would suppress all information regarding their illegal actions. This was extended to feuds within and between gangs as well providing hired killers for barons. This has led to rampant killings and public outrage. Eventually the public had to take a stand to put the madness to a stop. Now the unearthing of mass graves is a frequent occurrence. Sooner or later all the culprits will be identified and history will have records of their deeds and their offspring would learn about the deeds of their forbears and wonder how normal human beings could be so drunk with power and heartlessness as to terminate the life of a human being like themselves. The abduction of an innocent person either to imprison or kill him or her is a crime against humanity. Those who condone it are abettors of such a crime. The diligent search for Aminata Manneh should begin. All women groups, including the Women Federation should raise their voices for the release of our young woman.]]>