WHERE IS AMINATA MANNEH? Disappearance Without Trace


By Mustapha Jallow Aminata Manneh, alias Minah, a student at the University of The GambiaAMINATA MANNEH 2 (UTG) , is reported missing by family members since  Wednesday, 18 March, 2015. Ms  Manneh, who is a mentorship coordinator at the Think Young Women organization as well as an intern at the American Corner on KairabaAvenue, was said to have left her house on this fateful day to go  to buy dinner at her usual place but did not return home. “Minah came home around 9pm and then later I saw her going out and when I asked where she was going, her response was that she was going to buy dinner at the usual place but she never returned. At the time the place was dark as there was general electricity blackout,’ said a family source. The source further said that they went to the place where she told them she was going to but could not find her there and that her phone w\s also switched off,” he said. “We went to the Serrekunda police station on Thursday (19 March) to report the matter and our statements were taken,” he said.]]>