When will the TRRC submit its interim report to the president?



Foroyaa will reach out to the Commission to find out when it will submit its interim report as stipulated under section 14 of the TRRC Act which defines its functions.

Subsection (4) of this section provides for two types of reports. One report is expected to be delivered after one year of operation. The final report is to be given at the end of its mandate. These reports are provided for by section 14(4) of the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission Act which reads:

“The Commission shall –

(a) after one year of its establishment, submit an interim report to the president detailing its activities;

(b) after the end of its mandate –

(i) prepare a comprehensive report which sets out its activities and findings based on factual and objective information and evidence collected, received by it or placed at its disposal; and

(ii) make recommendations to the President with regard to the creation of institutions conducive to the development of a stable and democratic society as well as the institutional, administrative and legislative measures, which should be taken in order to prevent the violations and abuses of human rights.”