Monday, December 6, 2021

When Will The Foroyaa Radio Station Commence Broadcasting?


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Foroyaa is the oldest newspapers in The Gambia. It came into being in 1987. It came at a time when only newspapers exercised freedom of expression to hold the government to account.

The only electronic media which broadcast news was the national broadcaster. The other radio stations had no authority to broadcast news other than to link with the national broadcaster. Foroyaa came into being to amplify the voices of those who had no medium to express themselves. It promoted advocacy journalism by supporting victims to combat injustice by conducting civic education.

Foroyaa deems it necessary just like Walfadjri, TFM and other media houses in Senegal to link the print media with the electronic media so as to expand the dissemination of information from a professional angle.

Plans are underway, equipment has been bought and facilities have been created in order to establish the Foroyaa FM Radio Station. Readers will be given updates of development after the public holiday.

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