Saturday, May 21, 2022

When Will NIA Become SIS? The Face of a Changing Institution


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The constitution in section 191 provides for the establishment of a National Intelligence Agency. It further commands that an Act should be enacted to provide for the operation of the NIA.

As the country moved towards election in 2016, the NIA was still an agency that carried out arrests and detention without trial and in many court cases trials within trial known as voir dire revealed allegations of torture and other inhuman and degrading punishment or treatment. The coalition revealed these allegations and cases of murder to call for a change of government. Immediately after assuming office the Barrow administration announced a change of the NIA to the SIS and promised that it will focus on state intelligence matters and not on police matters. The Barrow administration was advised that the change of name could only come with constitutional and other legal amendments which provide for the establishment and function of the NIA. The public is expecting such amendment to take place. The new institution is expected to be different from the past. Foroyaa will be monitoring the performance of the new institution to find out whether its role has really changed based on the type of reports we receive from those who come into contact with its agents. All agents of the NIA should therefore bear in mind that it is their actions which will prove whether President Barrow’s promise is fulfilled or betrayed.

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