Foroyaa is monitoring the election in Senegal and our reporter has observed long queues indicating that the Senegalese were not deterred by the short notice to head to the polls to make the most important decision in their lives.

It is very clear that voting is becoming more than a formal exercise. Many Senegalese now realise that being absent from the polling centres means depriving oneself of the right to say how Senegal is to be governed. The results will reveal whether Senegalese election in 2024 is candidate or voter driven. In a system where elections are candidate driven, people go to the polls only if they are induced or intimidated to vote. However, in elections which are voter driven, voters go to the polls without being intimidated or induced. Foroyaa will make its analysis after the declaration of results. Notwithstanding voting was essentially peaceful.

There will of course be cases where voters went to the polling stations and could not find their names on the list or were not allowed to vote when they arrived late but found some on the queue. We will find out more from the parties and officials whether these have effects on the results of the election.

Foroyaa has indicated that the various regions have the following percentages of the votes in Senegal. Hence any candidate who could get majority in Dakar, Thies,  Diourbel, St Louis, and Kaolack is likely to win the elections. The reports gathered so far indicate that as of 20.00 hours, Bassirou Diomaye Faye was ahead. The Foroyaa reporter would continue to follow the trends.