Thursday, August 11, 2022

What Should Follow The Publication Of The List Of Voters?


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Section 19 of the Elections Act requires the Commission to publish the lists of voters in all the Administrative Areas where registration has taken place for at least ten days.

Voters have fourteen days, according to section 22 of the Act, to collect forms from the registering officers and file objections and appeals addressed to the registering officers. A voter who believes his or her name has been included on the list or the name of an unqualified person has been included on the list may file an objection so that those names be expunged from the list of voters. A voter whose name has been omitted from the list may appeal for his or her name to be included.

Upon receiving the objections the registering officer will serve notices of objections on the persons whose names have been objected to being on the list of voters.

The questions now arise: Is any fee to be paid in filing objections or appeals? What happens after the registering officer serves notices of objections? When does the revising officer, appointed by the Chief Justice, step in? When do the lists of voters constitute the register of voters?

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