What Should Be The Reaction To The Rising Cause Of Killings And Armed Robbery?

Question of the Day


There is a state of law and the law of the jungle. In a state of law, there are law enforcement agents who investigate and detect crime, arrest suspects, charge them and bring them before a court of law for prosecution. When convicted, they serve penalties that equate the crimes committed.

Where the law of the jungle prevails, there is mob justice. Everybody takes the law into his or her own hand. This leads to endless torture and killings without anybody establishing the right or wrongs of the allegations and punishments.

What Gambia needs now is a state of law. What it cannot afford is mob justice. Killings and armed robbery emanate from decadent inhuman values and lapses in strengthening a state of law and justice. We must work to inject values of love of humanity in our children and citizens to bar them from being able to raise their hands to kill or develop skills to use weapon to take what does not belong to them.

Secondly, the state should develop the security apparatus that would oversee respect for the law and effectively detect and bring those who break the law to justice.