What Plans Do The KMC And The Central Government Have For The Women Street Vendors?


Every day the women gardeners and those who buy their produce wholesale for retail purposes as well as the fishmongers do occupy the streets near the Serrekunda market to sell their produce. Roads are blocked making it impossible for compound owners and other residents in the area to move freely.  

The Serrekunda market and the Sandika are no longer able to hold the people who come to sell their produce in Serrekunda. Since the vendors do pay money to the council, efforts should have been made to purchase land in the area that could be transformed into a market. or the Serrekunda market be built to have many floors that could accommodate more vendors. A solution needs to be found which is a ‘win for all approach’. The vendors need markets. The residents of the area need free access to roads and the council needs revenue. The authorities should find a solution that serves all. This is the dictate of justice and common sense.